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The Top 10 Best Gifts For Yacht Charter Guests

The Top 10 Best Gifts For Yacht Charter Guests


A yacht charter is one of life's most luxurious and pleasurable experiences - the sort of thing that guests want to remember forever. As a result, a small memento is often bought to celebrate the trip and help those on board reminisce about the fun they had. 

The acquisition of a gift not only helps people to remember the charter, but it can also have the added value of being incredibly useful. Things like beach bags, umbrellas and water bottles are often used for years after the charter is over. 

Providing charter guests with a useful gift is great, but there is also an expectation of quality - particularly if you are giving clothing. Whatever the garment, it needs to be stylish and of the highest standard. 

At Sea Design, we specialise in the production of personalised items for yacht crew, and guests. We offer bespoke designs on an array of different items that are perfect gift ideas.


When you're out on the water in beautiful weather, a hat is something of a necessity. Offering this as a gift is both thoughtful and practical. 

Not only do caps offer your eyes and head protection from the sun but they can also be very stylish. The higher the quality of the cap, the more likely that guests are to wear them when on shore. This means your brand will ultimately be seen by more people away from the vessel.

Browse our fantastic selection of customised clothing, including quality headwear that are perfect for yacht charters.


When you think of customised clothing the first thing that usually comes to mind is the classic t-shirt. It is always a popular gift ..... you can never have too many t-shirts! 

It is also a great gift idea for the yacht, as t-shirts provide a canvas to display logos and information. With a wide range of t-shirt styles available, we advise taking some time to really think about what your charter guests will appreciate most. 

At Sea Design we have design options ranging from embroidery to 'direct to garment' (DTG). You can find out more about our specialist services in our design options guide.


Flip-flops could be considered a more unique option, but they are a gift that yacht charter guests find really useful when they leave the vessel for an afternoon on the beach. It is important to ensure you have a range of different sizes on offer and even some alternative colours.

Flip-flops have a reputation for sometimes being a bit flimsy, but the options we offer are high quality and long-lasting. Our personalised flip flops will be a welcome addition to the wardrobe of any yacht charter guest.

At Sea Design we pride ourselves on providing the best in customised clothing. We use sublimation, which gives clients the option of transferring complex graphics onto flip-flops. This is a perfect design choice when adding a yacht's logo because it is guaranteed to last, without fading.


When you think of a yacht charter the image usually involves beautiful turquoise waters and guests basking in glorious sunshine, so the idea of gifting an umbrella may seem slightly odd. However, it is a very popular gift option that every yacht charter guest accepts with a smile. Weather conditions can always change and an umbrella can soon become very handy, not only in the rain but also as protection from the sun. 

A good-quality umbrella will most likely be used for years to come, so it represents a great branding opportunity for the yacht. 

At Sea Design we use vinyl printing to apply logos and graphics to umbrellas, and offer an array of bespoke options with a long lifespan guaranteed. 

Water bottles

There are a couple of key reasons why water bottles are great gifts for yacht charter guests. Firstly they are an extremely useful addition for guests when they are spending time on the beach, or undertaking a local excursion and secondly (and most importantly) they have a positive impact on the environment. They give yacht charter guests a reusable alternative to single-use plastic bottles, which is a really worthwhile reason to offer them as a gift. 

The quality water bottles we offer at Sea Design are highly durable and able to be fully personalised using sublimation. Find out more by emailing and asking one of our experienced team members for more details.

Light jackets

Light jackets are brilliant when it gets a bit chilly in the evening, or if there is a light drizzle when charter guests are taking the tender back to shore. They are a very popular choice amongst yacht crew and guests alike because they are both convenient and stylish. Offering something as functional as a jacket to charter guests will almost certainly guarantee regular use in the future as they go about their day-to-day lives.  

At Sea Design we offer personalised clothing such as light jackets at affordable prices. If you would like more information, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Rash vests

Rash vests are a request that we receive quite frequently at Sea Design. A thin top or t-shirt that protects wearers from chafing, rashes and harmful UV rays, rash vests are the ultimate garment for outdoor enthusiasts. They make a fantastic gift for charter guests, especially those looking to partake in water sports and swimming. It is also not an item that every guest will already own, which makes it a really unique gift option that is sure to be appreciated.

At Sea Design we offer options of DTG printing, vinyl transfer and sublimation to personalise clothing such as rash vests. All of these methods will ensure the final design retains its quality after countless sessions in the water.

Swim shorts

Our selection of quality swim shorts are a perfect addition to a gift set for charter guests. Swim shorts are arguably the item most regularly forgotten when packing for a holiday and our range will be a welcome addition to any suitcase. This is the ideal gift for a guest who wasn't planning on getting into the water, but is enticed into taking a spur of the moment swim.

With an array of different options for men and ladies, Sea Design offers comfortable choices with expandable waistbands. All of our swim shorts can be personalised with yacht branding using 'direct to garment' (DTG) printing.



Beach bags

The beach bag is a staple item for any yacht charter guest looking to leave the vessel for a day trip or to spend some time relaxing on the beach. With guests needing so many things when they leave the yacht, such as sun cream and water, beach bags are a handy gift to receive. 

The quality bags stocked by Sea Design are extremely durable, meaning they can handle being thrown around on the beach throughout countless holidays. 

As with all of our products, the diverse selection of beach bags offered by Sea Design can be personalised using print, embroidery or vinyl, guaranteeing a fantastic finish. 

Tote bags

One of the most popular gifts for yacht charter guests is a tote bag. Tote bags are extremely useful and can hold a surprisingly large number of items. They are also a fantastic way to provide guests with other charter essentials such as toiletries and local maps. 

Tote bags are also a popular choice from a crew perspective, as they don't take up much space on board.

At Sea Design we offer options to personalise tote bags using printing and embroidery, both of which will stand the test of time.


We hope our rundown of the top 10 gifts for yacht charter guests has given you some inspiration into what is possible through our personalised clothing and accessory options. If you would like any information on the products mentioned or the services offered by Sea Design, contact us today.

Have a great charter!

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