What To Consider When Choosing A New Yacht Crew Uniform?
What To Consider When Choosing A New Yacht Crew Uniform?

What To Consider When Choosing A New Yacht Crew Uniform?

There are several factors to consider when undertaking the task of purchasing a new uniform for your yacht’s crew. Here, we’ll round up the fundamentals to ensure each crew member is equipped for every condition and occasion encountered during life on board.


When you’re out at sea on a luxury yacht charter, you’re almost entirely at the mercy of the elements. The sea is unpredictable and so is the weather. Even the most advanced methods of weather prediction can be wrong, and this is why it’s important to ensure that your yacht crew are equipped with a uniform that can protect them from extreme conditions. 

In extreme heat, hats can provide yacht crew members with shade to keep the sun out of their eyes and prevent the rays from burning their faces/necks as they work.

Waterproof jackets/clothing are also hugely important in protecting crew members from any unexpected rain/inclement weather, and footwear (e.g. deck shoes) that has been designed specifically to increase the grip of the wearer when there’s lots of water on deck.  These weather-proof items would greatly benefit your crew in the varied weather conditions experienced at sea and should therefore be factored into any uniform purchasing decisions.


Yacht crew uniforms come in a variety of styles and varying degrees of formality. When you’re choosing new uniforms for your crew, it’s important to think about the different occasions that prompt an individual and/or group to charter a yacht. Shorts and a polo shirt may be appropriate crew uniform for a yacht chartered by a couple looking for a casual holiday, but if a charter involves formal dinner parties or other similar occasions it’s important for the crew to have appropriate attire to change into.


In recent years, sustainable development has become a big consideration for individuals when purchasing new clothes. The yacht industry is in direct contact with the sea and all its ecosystems and as such has a duty to ensure its activities don’t negatively impact upon the environment. 

As more and more people begin to condemn fast fashion and the negative impacts it has on the environment, it has become increasingly important for yacht crews to be dressed in sustainably produced clothing. As well as the environmental benefits of sustainable clothing, many consumers will choose to support businesses that engage in green/eco-friendly business practices. Therefore, it’s always important to explore sustainable clothing options when considering new uniforms for your yacht crew.


Quality may seem like a basic consideration when choosing a new yacht crew uniform, but the price can often distract buyers from the quality of a product. Choosing a cheaper option which saves money in the short term over a more expensive option that will save money in the long term is a common occurrence. 

When choosing new uniforms for your crew, it’s important to keep in mind that the lower the quality of the garments, the more likely it is that you’ll have to fork out on maintenance costs. Plus, low-quality crew uniforms may also lead to a negative perception of the yacht and the level of service it provides. A high-quality yacht crew uniform may be more expensive in terms of initial outlay, but it generally pays off further down the line.


It’s very easy to focus exclusively on the product when choosing a new crew uniform, however, the business you’re buying from is equally important! 

If you make a purchase from a company with a history of poor customer service, that’s exactly what you’re likely to receive. Spending extra time to research a yacht crew uniform supplier and what their previous clients have to say about them can help prevent you from committing to a provider that offers a substandard product or service.

Crew opinion

The last factor to consider when choosing a new uniform for your yacht crew is… their opinion! The crew will be able to tell you how appropriate each uniform option is from a practical perspective, considering they’re the ones who will be wearing it all. If you’re not a crew member, certain things about the uniform and its suitability may not occur to you in quite the same way. 

Also, while the uniform isn’t tailored to the personal fashion preferences of each crew member, they are more likely to wear everything properly if they approve of the choice. They’re also likely to treat it better than they would if they were actively unhappy with the choice. Incorporating your crew in the decision-making process for uniforms also ensures minimal objection, which means everyone can instead spend their time focusing on the tasks required of them.


If you need any help or guidance when choosing a new uniform for your yacht crew, or if you’d like to explore the options we have available, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Sea Design team today!

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