Exploring Nautical Themed Uniform
Exploring Nautical Themed Uniform

What do you think of when you think nautical??

Is it navy and white stripes?

Anchor and compass insignias?

Pilot shirts with epaulettes?

Breton jerseys?

Sailor blouses?

Capri pants?

Navy and white classic polos and shorts?

Sea Design believes that a nautical theme adds a sense of fun whilst maintaining style and a classic look associated with the sea. It helps to give the crew a strong identity and connection to the marine world.

Through the years we have created many nautical themed uniforms, and it continues to be a popular request from yacht crew and owners alike. So how can you achieve your nautical look? Here we make some suggestions on adding that extra sharp nautical detail.

Starting with stripped tops, the Armour Lux brand from Breton is an absolute iconic top and is available in different weights depending on the season. The stripped theme can be continued into our range of custom dresses.

Yatch uniforms

Adding the nautical touch is often achieved through embroidery. At Sea Design all our embroidery is done in our workshops, therefore we can offer you ideas and samples to get your creative juices flowing. What about creating your own personalized epaulettes? These really add that extra special bespoke item to a very classic pilot shirt or blouse and really brings the uniform to life.

Another suggestion might be to add a marine design to a garment. Compasses, anchors, shells, sea creatures can be true works of art and can add something special to your creation.

Some of our past clients have taken the nautical theme to the next level, when we have made custom belts with anchor buckles, customized sailor shirts, blazers, and military style hats…

Remember we can help you to create a uniform to remember.

A nautical look can be achieved with various colour palettes. It doesn’t necessarily have to be navy and white.

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