Sea Design Circular Polos

Sea Design Circular Polos

Sea design Circular POLOS

Launching our new Circular Polos for 2024

Recycling is the buzzword in the garment industry, but in fact, only 1% of textile waste is recycled.

We guarantee that our new Sea Design polos are manufactured from 100% recycled yarn. 
However, the exciting news is that when the polo ceases to be crisp and perfect you can return it to us, be recycled again, and get a discount code towards replacing it with a new polo.

How to return a product for recycling:


The important part of circularity is an effective collection of used products.
This is something you can help us with. You can return the Sea Design polo to our showroom or warehouse where we then send it back to our manufacturer for recycling.


How it works

Customize It 

Embroider your polo with your design via our Online Designer

Order it 

Order through our online store or speak our sales team for more information .

Return it 

Return the polos to our showroom or warehouse for a discount on your next polo order!

Recycle it  

We will ensure the polos are sent back to our manufacturer for recyclling.

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