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DTG (Direct To Garment)

With in-house DTG (Direct To Garment) printing we have the possibility to supply large as well as smaller quantities, giving you an option for your personal or corporate events.

Suitable for a wide range of clothing, performance  as well as 100% cotton fabrics.


Five print heads - White / Cyan / Magenta / Yellow / Black - are shuttled over the garment, printing directly to the fabric.


Once printed the item will pass through a fan oven securing the colours onto the fabric. 

DTG - Direct To Garment printing - What artwork is needed..

To be able to print in the best resolution and image such as .jpg, .png or .tiff should be, at a minimum, 300 dpi in the actual size of print.

To give you and idea if your image is good enough, an A4 size print should be at a minimum approx. 2Mb.

A vector drawing can be enlarged and we will adjust the size in-house.

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