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What To Wear On A Yacht

What To Wear On A Yacht?

When summer arrives, so too do a host of regular yacht charters, eager to make the most of the good weather and long days. In preparation for this (and any future) yachting season, we thought we’d provide you with some stylish inspiration! 

We’ll highlight some fashionable and functional options for your crew to consider during the season ahead. We’ll also discuss the benefits of each garment and how it can improve your experience, whilst working on board.

What to wear whilst working on board

If you’re considering uniform options for your crew, there are a number of things to consider. First, you’ll need to think about functionality, in line with the tasks your crew usually carry out on board, as well as fashion, to ensure the uniform remains on brand and is true to the yacht’s styling.

Summer season

If you’re working on board this summer, we suggest opting for light, breathable fabrics (cotton or linen) to prevent you from overheating in the sun.

Cotton is one of the best natural fibres for yacht crew uniforms. It's comfortable, naturally sustainable and versatile, making it the perfect choice for shorts, skorts or other clothing items. We have added a small percentage of lycra to add to the comfort and smart appearance.

Polyester fast dry fabric, technology in this kind of fabric has improved considerably and is now the go-to for athletes as it is light, breathable and always looks good which makes it an ideal choice for any active yacht crew.


Winter on board can be cold for the crew. So, it’s vital that your uniform keeps them covered and warm. It’s also essential to stay as dry as possible during the colder, wetter months, which is why you often find the crew in high-quality foul-weather clothing.

At Sea Design, we stock a wide range of foul weather clothing, including coastal trousers, jackets, gloves, neck warmers and more. Our products offer a superior level of waterproof and windproof protection, and we even stock clothing to ensure you stay visible in low light!

What styles are popular this year?

In terms of styling, button-downs, t-shirts and polo shirts in light, summery colours always remain a popular choice for crew working in the sun.

High-quality shorts and skorts are also customary. However, if you’re looking to achieve a smarter look, we suggest opting for dresses or jumpsuits.


For tops, there are a wide variety of options out there, whether it’s shirts or blouses, crew necks or v-necks, long sleeves or short sleeves. Practically speaking, for the deck crew, a lightweight, long-sleeve, moisture-wicking shirt is a good choice because it protects the skin from sunburn while keeping the crew member dry and breezy during any physical tasks they carry out. Short sleeves can also be practical in terms of keeping the crew cool, as long as sunscreen is applied throughout the day. 

Footwear for yacht crew

When it comes to footwear, deck shoes and/or boat shoes are usually advisable because their lightly coloured soles won't leave scuff marks on the teak deck, and they also provide good grip which is important for on-deck activities. In recent years, however, the trainer style of shoe has become increasingly popular as many crew find that it offers more support to the feet.

We do also stock a range of formal options, including ballet pumps and loafers and of course engineers' safety shoes and chef clogs.

Headwear and accessories

Given the wide range of activities, crew members are expected to perform, there’s a variety of clothing they’ll need to be able to carry out each task safely and effectively. For example, hats and sunglasses are a great way to protect individuals from the sun when working on the deck. Sailing gloves might be required to prevent rope burn and also if you find yourself heading for colder climates gloves become an important part of the uniform as well as fleece beanies.

It’s never too early to start thinking about what your crew should be wearing on board, especially if you're sourcing crew uniforms for a new build yacht.

At Sea Design in Antibes, we have an incredibly diverse and expansive range of options for you to explore, catering to every need and eventuality. 

We also offer bespoke options to allow you to come up with truly unique garments! Contact our team today to place an order or for further advice on what to wear on board in the year ahead.

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