A Guide to Caring for Your Sea Design Tech Fabric Shorts and Skorts
A Guide to Caring for Your Sea Design Tech Fabric Shorts and Skorts

A Guide to Caring for Your Sea Design Tech Fabric Shorts and Skorts 

Hey there, adventure-seekers! 

We hope this blog post finds you well and ready to embark on exciting journeys with our Tech line shorts and skorts. We are here to share some essential tips on how to care for and extend the lifespan of these innovative garments, ensuring they stay in top-notch condition and accompany you on countless adventures.

Introducing Our Tech Line: Designed for Performance 

At the beginning of 2022, we introduced our Tech line in response to a high demand for lightweight, quick-dry technical fabrics. These fabrics, carefully sourced from a specialized manufacturer in Sweden, undergo rigorous quality checks by our trusted European partner to meet our ambitious standards. 

Feedback Matters: Lessons Learned from Returns 

We are delighted to have received valuable feedback from our happy clients on how easy it is to maintain their tech shorts and skorts.  

Even if they are designed to withstand rigorous activities, we must acknowledge that improper cleaning methods can lead to various issues over time. We would like to emphasize a few key points to help you maintain your tech line items and avoid potential shrinkage, pulling around the stitches and discoloration of the fabric. 

Caring for Your Tech Fabric Shorts and Skorts: Best Practices 

We genuinely want you to enjoy the full benefits of your Tech line apparel. To help you do just that, we have put together a simple care guide: 

1. Gentle Washing: Use mild detergent and wash your Tech shorts and skorts at temperatures between 30°-40° maximum. Avoid bleach-based products and fabric softeners, as they can harm the fabric's integrity. 

2. Hang to Dry: After washing, hang your garments up to air dry. Not only does this preserve the fabric, but it also ensures they will be dry and ready for your next adventure within just a couple of hours. 

3. Say No to Tumble Drying: Tumble drying can cause shrinkage and damage, so it's best to avoid it altogether. 

More tips  

Every garment and product we offer comes with a care label providing specific instructions on how to care for it. These labels offer essential information such as washing, drying, ironing, and special handling instructions.  

Before anything else, take a moment to read and understand the care label to avoid any accidental damage. 

Conclusion: Invest in Longevity 

As you embark on your active lifestyle journey with our tech shorts and skorts, we urge you to consider the significance of proper care. Your investment in these versatile garments deserves the best treatment to ensure their durability and performance over time. By following our simple care tips, you will be able to enjoy the perfect blend of style and functionality for many adventures to come. 

 Join Us on This Adventure 

Our primary goal is to raise awareness about the correct usage and care of our garments. By following these simple steps, you can ensure that your Tech fabric shorts and skorts remain comfortable and durable, ready to accompany you on every thrilling escapade. 

Thank you for choosing Sea Design. We look forward to continuing to serve you and exceed your expectations in every way possible. 

We value your continued support and consider you an essential part of our adventure-loving community. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns; we are always here to assist you. 

Happy exploring and let us make memories together with Sea Design! 

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