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Functional and stylish yacht crew uniforms are incredibly important onboard both private and charter superyachts - they bring a sense of unity and teamwork to the crew, whilst also creating an attractive professional image.

A tailored yacht crew uniform also acts as additional branding for the boat, with many uniforms being customised to match the vessel’s colour scheme.

But what other trends are we likely to see as we get stuck into the new year?

Branded Customisation

Whether it’s for yacht crew who are working hard at the marina or crew members on board during a busy charter, having your branded logo or yacht name displayed is a great way to unify the team whilst also making a bold statement.

That’s why we offer a wide array of options for customisation, including:

Embroidery - A very popular choice for yacht crew uniforms because of its professional finish and durability. Being such a dependable option also makes uniform embroidery the ideal solution for hard-working yacht crew.

DTG - Direct-To-Garment printing is the way to go if you’re looking to achieve a more detailed finish or have an elaborate logo or design. There are very few limitations when it comes to DTG printing which is why it makes a great choice for an artistic or creative yacht owner.

Vinyl - A great customisation choice for a range of products, including hats, bags, umbrellas and shoes. Vinyl is not only a strong look but is also another long-lasting design option that can withstand all weather and climates.

Sublimation - This is one of the few methods that will allow printing on rigid surfaces. Sublimation can transfer complex designs onto an array of different products and is a particularly popular choice for yacht crew accessories.

Retail Inspired Designs

For a long time, yacht wear remained very classic and understated. Navy was the most common colour choice and there was little change year on year. However, over the past few years, designs for yacht crew uniforms have evolved and become increasingly inspired by modern fashion trends and designs. 

More attention is being paid to fabrics able to withstand the required functionality, as well as look smart and stylish. For example, we are now often asked about dresses and jumpsuits for female crew members, as they like to feel stylish and comfortable during service.

Baseball caps and visors are all the rage, as are trainers, which are overstepping the classic deck shoe. Generally, the crew like to look cool as well as comfortable.

That’s why at Sea Design, we provide a range of high-performance options to keep your crew protected at all times - visit our online shop.

Capsule Wardrobes for Yacht Uniforms

Capsule wardrobes are a great way to include a small selection of versatile pieces that will work well together. They enable you to shop less often and more intentionally, whilst also allowing you to keep track of your entire yachting crew’s attire. 

Capsule wardrobes also prevent clutter in crew quarters and remove the hassle of deciding what to wear, which can save a lot of time on a daily basis. 

Furthermore, after spending quite a bit of money on producing high-quality uniforms that are tailored for your crew, there’s no need to overspend on items you don’t need. 


Simply, visit our online shop to browse our complete range or if you’re not familiar with the concept of capsule wardrobes and aren’t sure what to choose, check out our useful infographic below.

Looking for an experienced yacht crew uniform supplier?

Having spent over 30 years in the yachting industry, designing and delivering yacht crew uniforms for existing and new-build yachts, we are intimately aware of the challenges faced in finding the right uniforms. 

We’re excited to see new trends infiltrate the marine industry and keep you updated on our range of yacht wear.

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